Industrial Workers of the World

How to join

To join the IWW, sign up at (

Contact our branch directly at with questions.

Who can join the IWW?

If you’re a worker you can join the IWW. Rank-and-file members of other unions, students, retirees, the unemployed, the self-employed, those in informal professions, and those unable to work are all welcome to join. To us, you are all workers. Employers, professional landlords and law enforcement need not apply.

Why join?

The IWW is a member-run union. Even if you aren’t looking to organize yet, you can still get involved with the IWW. We need you to help the work along.


Learn the skills you need to start organizing a union at your job. Give back by sharing your experience and skills with your fellow workers as we grow! 


Fight to win better working conditions at your job with the weight of the IWW behind you!


Be a part of something bigger–meet other workers in the IWW, support them and be supported in turn. We are strongest together and we can’t win alone! 


Work together with your fellow workers in the struggle to build a new world in the shell of the old!


Get to know other workers who want to build a kinder and more just future.

Take the Organizer Training

Build the skills you’ll need to build an organizing committee at work. You’ll learn how to build a union, talk with your coworkers, the basics of labour law, and how to organize and carry out direct actions.

We want every worker to become an organizer, capable of leading struggles on the job and winning. 

You deserve a voice in your workplace. Stop waiting for the boss to give it to you. Organize and get it for yourself. 

Get in touch with us.


Every union needs funding, and the best way to stay independent is to fund our union ourselves. These funds maintain the union and support local organizing campaigns. Our dues are lower than any other union around. 

You will always have direct democratic input on how your dues are spent. Your dues will never go to political candidates, parties, or armies of paid officials. Every member of the IWW has the same rights regardless of dues level.

Your dues rate is determined by your income:

TierAmount per monthIncome
Sub-minimum$6 per monthUnemployed or underemployed
Minimum$11 per monthYou make less than $2000 a month
Regular$22 per monthYou make between $2000 and $3500 a month
Maximum$33 per monthYou make over $3500 a month

Contact Us
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