The Industrial Workers of the World is a worker-led union dedicated to direct action, workplace democracy and self organization. We want our workplaces to run for the benefit of the workers and their communities, and not for a handful of bosses. We are organizing to improve conditions today, to build a better world tomorrow.

We're the Toronto IWW

Toronto is the financial hub of and center of gentrification in Canada. Work is precarious and exploitative, the cost of living is astronomical, and workers are made to feel like they should compete with their fellow worker for a living, instead of coming together and standing up for each other. Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area is a challenging place for working people.The Toronto IWW

There are several things that make the IWW distinct from nearly all other unions today.

We Organize Across All Industries

Industrial unionism is about organizing every worker in a given workplace (and even across an entire industry) into a single union, instead of separating them into different unions based on job description or trade. This wall-to-wall organizing gives workers maximum leverage to win their demands together. It also allows us to support one another across businesses and protects us from being pitted against each other in fights with bosses.


Direct action is at the heart of our organizing model. When workers aren’t limited by contract negotiations and bureaucracy, they can decide how to put pressure on their bosses for better working conditions and wages. If the workers decide a contract is best for them, the IWW will support them in winning the best possible contract. A labor contract is only as strong as workers’ ability to enforce it, so we focus on building solidarity and organizing skills.

We Practice Solidarity Unionism

Solidarity unionism is direct, democratic, and mutually supportive. It’s an organizing model that puts power in the hands of workers instead of outside representation, lawyers or bureaucrats with big paycheques. Although we might use labour lawyers or seek formal union recognition when it makes sense, we believe putting workers in control of their union is the means and the ends to winning better conditions and establishing democracy in the workplace. When you organize with the IWW, you will participate democratically and directly in all decisions that affect you.

We're Not Capitalists

Other unions are in the business of unionism. They make money taking dues from their members. We’re not in this to make money. We’re in this to build solidarity with our fellow workers. Our dues are lower than any other union in the country, and they go toward maintaining the union and funding local organizing, not paying for political lobbying or supporting an army of paid officials. In the IWW, you will have direct democratic input on how your dues are spent. Dues are never deducted from anyone’s paychecks.

All the above distinctions were common among labor unions before workers were given the right to organize under federal law. Unfortunately, federal labor laws are now regularly broken by the bosses, and even the NLRB isn’t always very pro-worker. This, as well as general mismanagement of many labor unions, has led to a sharp decline in union membership. The IWW, by embracing the old ideas above, has bucked the trend. With around 4,000 members across North America, and many active branches overseas, we are reasserting ourselves in the global labor movement and bringing revolution into play.

As a Solidarity Union, we organize through training, direct action and solidarity, welcome workers from any and all backgrounds and industries to be members. Our branch even supports workers and organizing campaigns beyond the city limits of Toronto. Through the Canadian Regional Organizing Committee we are connected to all IWW members in Canada. We also encourage all workers in other unions to hold a membership with us too, because through education, training, direct action and solidarity, we can be with you in the workplace. Give your fellow worker a fighting chance, join the IWW and let’s get organized!

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