Industrial Workers of the World

About the Industrial Workers of the World

We are Member Run and Democratic

The IWW is organized “horizontally,” led and run by the members themselves. There is no union president and there are no bosses. All branch officers are unpaid volunteers, elected and recallable by the members. Every member of the IWW has a say and a vote on any decision that affects them.

We Practice Solidarity Unionism

Our power as workers comes from standing and fighting together in solidarity. Most other unions rely on legal frameworks that are stacked against workers. Instead, we keep the fight on the shop floor through direct action. We believe that a worker controlled union is the way to winning better conditions and workplace democracy.

We Organize Across Industries

Our aim is to organize every worker in any given workplace into a single union. We don’t divide workers into different unions based on job description or craft. This wall-to-wall organizing strategy gives us the most leverage to win our demands. It allows us to support each other across industries and protects us from being pitted against each other by our bosses.

We Don’t Rely on Contract Negotiations to Win

Direct action is at the heart of our organizing model. We don’t rely on labour contracts to win demands. If workers ever decide the legal route is best for them, we will support them to win the best contract possible. However, a contract is only as strong as a union’s ability to enforce it. Our focus will always be on building worker solidarity, capacity and organizing skills. 

We Know Every Worker is Worth Organizing

We practice Solidarity Unionism which is direct, democratic, and caring. Other unions are run like a business. They rely on lawyers and staff to provide a service, who often make more than the workers they represent. These unions need to consider the return on investment whenever workers want to improve their working conditions. That expense is no guarantee of a win at all, and it also means that smaller shops and lower paid workers are often left behind. We do it because we care and want to make a better world. We want to share our experience, teach you skills and show you how to win.

A worker is someone without the power to hire or fire. If you’re a worker you can join the IWW, organize and win.

What we are Not

We are not linked or affiliated with any political party or group. We are not led by high-salary union bosses who cut secret deals with employers behind your back. We are not stifled by union bureaucracy or top-down leadership.

The Greater Toronto Area IWW

The Greater Toronto Are (GTA) IWW is a local branch open to any worker from any industry in the Greater Toronto Area. Our members work in many industries including education, transportation, social work, restaurants, tech, retail, health care, construction, and media.

Organize With Us

If you’re in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and want to organize at your job, fill out our Organizing Intake Form. Outside of the Greater Toronto Area? Contact the IWW Organizing Department Board here.

To learn more: 

The One Big Union” pamphlet.

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